OPEN MIND Elementary



Age 4 by September 1

The curriculum emphasizes personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, social studies and the arts.  Children in the program will:

  • Learn self-discipline;

  • Learn to trust themselves and others;

  • Develop communication skills;

  • Learn to listen with prolonged attentiveness;

  • Gain the ability to follow through on assigned tasks;

  • Learn to be independent;

  • Be prepared academically to enter the 1st grade.


Age 5 by September 1

This program is designed for children who are ready to transition to the more structured academic and social challenges of Kindergarten.  Students who show Kindergarten readiness in the areas of academic development and social maturity are eligible to apply to this program. Kindergartners are the bridge between the TK/Pre-K and Upper Elementary Programs, learning through exploration as they utilize the learning environment.


Grades 1-5

KMS is taking the lead in developing a progressive curriculum where art, music, dance, Spanish, language, outdoor education, and creative writing are core to an academic program that is project based and specific to each of our learners taking inspiration from Reggio Emilia Project Based Learning, and similar techniques. Our scientifically-based literacy instruction is systematic, direct, explicit, and multi sensory, while attending to individual interests and needs.

Our program places a strong emphasis on social, academic, and emotional development. We encourage children to take responsibility for themselves and others; and allow them freedom to develop a strong sense of self. In addition, we find that when kids are engaged and involved in the learning process as they are at KMS, learning becomes fun for them.

KMS has always attracted families who are interested and invested in having their children immersed in a unique learning environment. Our child-centered and child-directed philosophy serves as a foundation for the innovative programs in our elementary curriculum. Students cycle through stations daily consisting of Math, Literacy, Art, Science, and Spanish Language and Culture in addition to outdoor learning activities and free time to explore on their own. This approach is effective for all grade levels; as well as students with dyslexia or leaning style differences.

Visit  Our Learning Environment and Curriculum for more information.

PROGRAM VISIT: Contact the office at to schedule a program visit in the Elementary (Kindergarten through 5th grade) program for adults only on Tuesdays at 9:30 am. The child will have a chance to visit the program after an application is submitted and reviewed. Please provide child’s first name and DOB in email to when scheduling a visit or with any further questions.