After School 


Grades pre K-5

Our After School program is available for KMS enrolled students only and offers children afternoons filled with learning, enrichment, and games for students in grades pre K-5, five days a week, from as early as 2:00 pm- no later than 6:00 pm. We are located at 1335 Guerrero Street.

The KMS After School Program gives kids the opportunity to choose from

  • Art projects in the beautiful atelier.

  • Opportunity to work on homework.

  • Building with Kaplas, Legos, and blocks in the industrious “moon room”.

  • A healthy snack.

  • Outdoor gardening and playing in the backyard.

  • Some good old-fashioned digging and playing around in our glorious Dirt Mountain.

  • Spanish tutoring available (additional fee).

  • For an additional fee, you may also sign up for Enrichment Classes.


Tuition is due on the 14th of the month prior to the start of each trimester:

1.  Sept. - Nov., (Payment Due Aug. 14th)

2.  Dec. - Feb., (Payment due Nov 14th)

3.  March - June last day of school.  (Payment Due Feb. 14th)


Late Pick-up Fee: you will be charged $35 for the first ten minutes and $1 per additional minute until your arrival. 

2018 - 2019 rates - subject to an annual increase update August of each year.

After School: On Site Student
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Off Site KMS (Students currently not enrolled at KMS)

Student currently enrolled in a school other than KMS may enroll in our Enrichment Classes. The After School Program is available only for students currently enrolled in KMS K-5th grade. 

Please note we do not accept Pre-K or Transitional Kindergarten applicants from outside of KMS. 

After School Drop-in Policy for KMS Students

All drop-ins must be approved by the After School Program Director at least one day prior to the day that aftercare is required, at a rate of $35/day. Any drop-ins that do not meet this time criteria will be charged a $50/day late notification drop in rate. This policy is in place to ensure that proper staffing is in place to guarantee the safety of your child.

  • To request drop-in please call 415-821-0130 no later than noon the day before needed drop in.

  • Monthly balance for after-school drop-in days can be added to your tuition check, due the 14th of each month.

  • On Site KMS families only.

Learn more about KMS’s After School Enrichment Classes.

**After School enrollment is subject to availability.