“Come tell me your story, and I will tell you mine. 

We will meet in that middle,

where our hearts  are  listening  together,

and the Voice of the Circle is true.” 

Bonnie Tamblyn, Council Mentor for KMS

Council at KMS

Council is a practice of open, heartfelt expression and attentive, empathic listening. Introduced to KMS in 2011, Council is a process that is practiced by both students and staff. We use council to enhance our core principals. A circular dialogic practice, it supports social emotional competencies, creating a heightened sense of self and others, developing  intra and interpersonal relationships.  

As we pass the talking piece with the intention of speaking authentically, and listening attentively, we hold presence and practice mindfulness. 

We tell our stories and learn from the reflections of our experiences.

The Four Intentions of Council 

Speak from the Heart

Tell your story with confidence and trust that you will be safe and listened to. When you hold the talking piece you are the one whose story is heard.

 Listen from the heart

Give your full attention without judgment. We listen for the wisdom of each voice and the wisdom of the circle.

Be Spontaneous

Be in the moment. When we first listen to others, we discover new inspiration, and we empathize with their story.

 Be Lean

Everyone gets a chance to speak when we are brief.

What is our practice?

Teachers, staff, and kids, practice council regularly.

A Council is held at least once a week. Listening games and practices are integrated throughout our day. 

Council is confidential. What is spoken in the circle stays in the circle.

Parents are invited to join in. 

A Parent Council is a great opportunity for parents to get together and share their stories as they raise their children.