Enrollment Contracts, Withdrawals and Cancellations

  • Enrollment Contracts reflect current program and pricing for each child. Every tuition change necessitates a New Enrollment Contract generated by the KMS/Open Mind Office.
  • Enrollment Contracts for the succeeding school year are sent out in mid-January and are due back by mid-February of each year.
  •  Be sure to read your Enrollment Contract and cover letter carefully for exact details.
  • Make a copy for your files. Use your contract to know your child’s tuition rates and options. Please pay your tuition on time, with the correct amount and with your child’s ID#.
  • See check examples:
  • All contracts are binding. In the event of your child’s withdrawal, written notice must be submitted to your program director AND the black tuition box in the cubby area.

KMS reserves the right to cancel enrollment of a child for any of the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of fees, charges or fundraising commitments
  • Not observing KMS rules and regulations
  • Not completing and returning all required forms by the due date
  • Consistent tardiness or absence
  • When a child or parent has special needs which KMS cannot meet